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Carbon is a 3D printing unicorn startup based in Silicon Valley. I was their first Senior Visual Designer. Prior to my arrival, there was no standardized templates for anything - Brand Guidelines, Presentation Templates, Collateral Design, etc. - because the company had been working with various contractors and agencies with no strict design guidelines in place. Hence, there was no Carbon 'brand'.

As part of the 6 person Brand Marketing team, I served as the consultant for ANYTHING design visual design related - from new office branding to reviewing media assets (photo, video, or graphic) created by company partners.

Three major projects I led were: 


  1. The redesign the company presentation template, followed up with training videos, office hours, and troubleshooting between using Powerpoint and Google Slides.

  2. The redesign of the official Carbon website UI within 2 weeks.

  3. The logo design and brand guidelines creation for AMPLIFI, a company jointly owned by Carbon and TPK.

Other major responsibilities were to:

  • Lead graphic design for digital, print, social, environmental (trade show), and web

  • Work closely with VP of Brand and CMO to create and implement a consistent and premium brand in line with refreshed brand narrative and company values

  • Elevate Carbon with a new visual identity by developing robust brand guidelines and standardized templates across the company including presentation templates, email signatures, newsletters, trade show booths, case studies, one-pagers, packaging, and more

  • Create a ticketing system to streamline and increase visibility of design requests within Marketing

  • Lead presentation training for the whole company

  • Mentor and manage junior designers/interns to produce high quality work

  • Analyze competitor social media and presented design strategies to increase viewership of content

In the wireframe designs above, I worked with various Marketing Team members who created the structure and provided copy. I designed components such as buttons, hover states, filtering systems, font rules, and general page modules, before going through and skinning all the pages.


There were 3 different designs, as initially, there was supposed to be a 3 phase release, but I ended up working directly with the Senior Web Developer to create the pages as you see them both on desktop and mobile. These were the final designs presented to the CMO, and other design elements were later added directly to the site.

I also helped project manage other members of the brand team to streamline all efforts toward the same goal in the very limited timeframe we had. This included searching and choosing the types of images that would appear on all pages.


26 desktop wireframes and 17 mobile wireframes were skinned for the Marketing team to visualize a 'live' website, while the components were simultaneously being coded.

To view the current live website, click here. 

The above image is one of the many examples of campaigns that involved logo creations, photo manipulation, layout design, and social media optimization. As I'm also a social media influencer, I understand how to best optimize content on social media on platforms, particularly Instagram. This is an example of how I curated an aesthetic to the Carbon Additive MVP campaign.

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