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© 2019 by Cindy Chen



During my Master's program, I worked part-time as the In-House Designer for Suffolk University. For the first year and a half, I was in the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement, and in the last half of the second year, I was hired by the program director to brand the Master's program I was in. The New England School of Art and Design was acquired by Suffolk only in 2017, which means they never had a chance to establish their new identity within the SU community. I worked with another designer to make sure our program's outreach stood out from the crowd (especially at recruitment fairs), and was representative of its student body.






My client's main request was to have a very 'designed' business card in the back that pulled graphical elements from the logo. I actually used a previous iteration of the logo design, zoomed in and removed certain elements to be able to place their information on the card. I decided to create a day and night version, to further reinforce the versatility of their services, and to provide them with some combination options in print. To make sure the logo also stood powerfully on the white background, I slightly adjusted the gradient so that the majority of the text was in the darker shade of gold.



The final project was to create a stylized form that could be used for their client itinerary/event timelines. They requested for the header and footer to be usable for invoices or other letters, and that the form was black and white to minimize printing costs. I kept the design minimal so that it would be implemented easily on a word document, but also I provided separate versions on Illustrator just in case they wanted to use the exact same layout and replace the text with new client information.