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Envision Event Group is a full-service event production company for weddings, mitvahs, special occasions and corporate events. Their services include MC, lighting, and DJ services. When they approached me, they had a specific idea of the style they wanted, and requested for a logo, business cards and a versatile stylized form. 


The Envision team loved the look of line-based geometric designs, and they wanted the graphic to be representative of "events" and have the "e" in it, without being cliché or overcomplicated. Hence, I designed a logo that was the shape of a DJ turntable, and added the letter "e" in the middle, which also signified sound waves, a target and an eye (to symbolize "envisioning" the perfect event). This worked well because their company had primarily audio-visual components. I introduced the idea of having a metallic gradient instead of a flat color, because in asking them about styles they were fond of, I found them being drawn to a black and gold color scheme, which is edgy and classic. We played with holographic color options as well as different backgrounds to stand out, but in the end the clients were most satisfied with this version.


My client's main request was to have a very 'designed' business card in the back that pulled graphical elements from the logo. I actually used a previous iteration of the logo design, zoomed in and removed certain elements to be able to place their information on the card. I decided to create a day and night version, to further reinforce the versatility of their services, and to provide them with some combination options in print. To make sure the logo also stood powerfully on the white background, I slightly adjusted the gradient so that the majority of the text was in the darker shade of gold.


The final project was to create a stylized form that could be used for their client itinerary/event timelines. They requested for the header and footer to be usable for invoices or other letters, and that the form was black and white to minimize printing costs. I kept the design minimal so that it would be implemented easily on a word document, but also I provided separate versions on Illustrator just in case they wanted to use the exact same layout and replace the text with new client information.

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