User Interface and User Experience Design

Buy Nothing is an existing organization that allows people in location-based communities to exchange items for free. Currently it exists on private Facebook groups.
Designed in a team of three including myself, Buy Nothing was rebranded, and transformed into a conceptual app to tackle pain points regarding things like infinite scrolling, communication, and security.


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  • Wireframes designed on Adobe XD

  • Prototyped on Invision App

For my Master's in Graphic Design degree, I designed a physically interactive game (similar to Escape the Room and board games) in order to achieve cognitive flow through play and graphic design.
The game involves 3 stations that leads to one password that cracks open this website, and accesses the app I designed (see below). The website was designed to serve as an overview of the exhibition and a learning experience for profound facts about how an average human being spends their lifetime.

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An energy tech startup dedicated to play and microtechnology. The CEO requested for a website redesign project that incorporated the playfulness of what their company and nonprofit arm stood for, but also the proprietary tech that drove their business.
I did the website redesign by myself on Wix, coordinating with all department heads to gather copy for their sections of the site. I was asked to design a separate website for their tech brand called "M.O.R.E.," which was linked through the company website tech page. For that I worked with a remote front-end developer to code the site into Wordpress. For each project I was given only one month to complete. The websites have since been combined and taken down following company restructuring.

  • Wireframes designed on Adobe Photoshop

  • Built on Wix.com

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