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I'm quite the talker, so I've been told.

The only time I don't talk is when I'm working. But these thoughts don't just go away. They are simply stalled; a call put on hold as elevator music plays in the background. Without a release, thinking too much can feel like my head. And no one likes to feel constipated. So I apologize in advance, because my blog will be a lot of unfiltered flow. According to someone who knows me very well, I tend ramble.

My name is Cindy. I specialize in avant-garde beauty editorials. I design and create unconventional makeup art as well as the occasional accessories and costumes. I photograph my work and also work with photographers to capture the final product. I started a blog in 2012 called Opal's Catharsis, which still exists on but is now extremely outdated. As I adopted this newer website to showcase my visual portfolio, I decided it was also time for a blog reformation. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm constantly redesigning my work, so who knows how long this one will last for?

Art can be created with the least amount of resources. I rarely work in studios to create my editorials and one of my favorites was shot on a terribly painted cardboard on my dorm room floor. People do not need fancy equipment to capture a beautiful photo. Tools will help. But the essence of a great photo comes from the keen eye of an artist and a very vivid imagination.

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